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MACAP M2E DOMUS Μύλος Άλεσης (μαύρος)

The M2E Domus grinder is infinitely adjustable and has a height-adjustable portafilter tray with a hands-free holder. It is also programmable with 3 dosing quantities and manual dosing.

Grinding Discs: Flat 50mm
Hopper Capacity: 250g
Output: 1g/sec
Weight: 5.1Kg
Color: Black


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Astoria Macap M2E Domus Coffee Grinder, in red color, is perfect for offices, home enthusiasts, and small cafes with limited space environments. It delivers consistently the same results directly in the portafilter. Equipped with 50mm flat stainless steel burrs which will ensure perfect grinds every time. Also features a step-less grind size adjustment system, 3 programmable doses, and a manual dosing option to make it very functional. Height adjustable fork makes it easy to use. It comes with a beans hopper which can store up to 250g of coffee beans. It combines style and practicality, cost-effectiveness, high-quality grinding, elegance, and functionality with a hands-free system.

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Βάρος 3 kg


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