ONE/5TH Coffee Roasters

Choose from ONE/5TH's exclusive blends and single variety coffees, or get your private-label coffee roasted exclusively for your business and create a distinct Brand Identity.

With 20 years of experience in the coffee industry

Why choose ONE/5TH?

Our love for quality coffee led us to create ONE/5TH Roastery in Nicosia. Our goal has always been to provide top-quality freshly-roasted coffees and build trusting relationships with our customers.

Do you want a single variety (of one origin) or blends roasted exclusively for your business and specific customers? At ONE/5TH, we have created different brews to help our customers to choose the flavor profile that suits them.

ONE/5TH provides ideal solutions for any company that wants to create its own cafe, such as

  • Coffee shops
  • Hotels
  • Food Chains
  • Restaurants

We fully undertake the entire procedure.

We fully undertake the entire procedure.

Step 1 – We always choose top-quality varieties of green coffee beans and import them exclusively from coffee-producing countries. Our major importing countries are Brazil, Ethiopia, Colombia, Peru, Kenya, Costa Rica, India, Honduras, Uganda, and Guatemala.

Step 2 – Once the green coffee beans arrive at our warehouses, they are kept in ideal storage conditions, ready for roasting in our state-of-the-art machines.

Step 3 – Once roasted and rested, the coffees are packaged fresh and ready for distribution to coffee shops, hotels, and other catering establishments.

Quality controls are continuous at all stages of production!

Discover ONE/5TH's top quality coffee!

Signature Blends

Single Origin

Do you want your own Private Label Coffee?

At ONE/5TH, we roast fine coffees and package the final product with your Brand Name. We can create the blend or single variety of your liking to give your business a distinct identity and style.

Level up your business with your coffee packaging!

Stand out from your competitors.

Add value to your business by providing your top-quality coffee. Create a new dynamic image for your company, now serving your coffee!

ONE/5TH specialists have all the necessary expertise, and in combination with the marketing team, they will help you enter the profitable coffee business with all the conditions for success.

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Do you want to create coffee with your own identity?

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